The first days of January were brightened again by the annual electronics and innovation circus called CES. The Wall Street Journal tech team ventured to Las Vegas to find clues about the future. The WSJ roundup of the show’s best (and weirdest) isn’t filled with things you’re likely to own—or necessarily even want—but they all point to trends on the horizon that we’re keen to follow.

Safe Zone Gunfire Detector

If you’re in a building with an active shooter, you might be able to hear gunfire but you might not know where it’s coming from. With its gunfire detection system, the startup Safe Zone aims to reduce the time it takes personnel and authorities to locate a shooter. The small, triangular devices, intended for schools and offices, can be attached in the corners of rooms or hallways, each covering about 9,000 cubic feet of space. The detectors capture infrared and acoustic signatures which get analyzed in the cloud. If a gun is fired, an app will display the location and number of the shots—even analysis of the type of weapon being used—then offer to call 911.

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