Safe Zone Gunfire Detector Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get the app?

The Safe Zone app is a free download on the Apple Store for iPhones and iPads, and on the Google Play Store for Android phones.

How quickly does Safe Zone alert authorities?

Safe Zone alerts e911 within 10 seconds of the first gun shot. It will continue to update the information supplied to authorities as long as shots are being fired.


How does it save lives?

Faster response times by emergency personnel reduces fatalities in shooter events. With Safe Zone, emergency services respond as much as two times faster.


How does Safe Zone work?

Safe Zone monitors for acoustic and infrared signatures that indicate a firearm discharge. The information is analyzed by sophisticated cloud-based machine learning software to determine the type of firearm discharged.  

How does Safe Zone stay up to date?

As testing continues, training exercises are conducted, and actual events occur, the machine learning system continuously integrates the new data, improving its abilities. Every GFD deployed is updated automatically, ensuring that every GFD is always up to date.  

Is the system reliable?

Yes. The Safe Zone machine learning system is hosted on Google servers, with redundant locations across the planet. Should any server have an issue, signals are automatically rerouted to the next available server. 

What happens if a Gunfire Detector stops working?   

One advantage of Safe Zone over other gunfire detection systems is that, in the event of any gunfire, the system utilizes the data from several GFDs simultaneously. This provides redundancy of data and allows the system to be much more accurate about locating the shooter and identifying the weapon type. If a specific GFD is non-functional, all other GFDs within range will pick up the slack.

How do I know if the system is working?

Each GFD has a “heartbeat” – that is, each GFD sends a signal to the server 3 times every minute. If any heartbeat is missed, the user is alerted immediately via the app. The app has a page to see the status of all active GFDs. 

How many Gunfire Detectors do I need?

Each GFD provides coverage of room up to 30’ x 30’ x10’ (9,000 ft3). In larger rooms or hallways, we recommend spacing the GFDs 40 – 45’ apart for best results.

Can I change the contact list?

Yes. The contact list (list of persons that are alerted via text or e-mail) is edited in the smart phone app. It can be edited by the system administrator any time. 

How do I set up the system?

Once the GFDs are installed and have power, open the app on your phone, tap it against a GFD, then enter a room (or location) name for that GFD. Once all GFDs are named, the system is fully functional. 

What does it cost?

The basic GFD sells for $149.95. The Power over Ethernet version sells for $199.95.

Are there any continuing charges?

There is a nominal annual fee per GFD which includes alerting authorities when an event occurs, monitoring the system’s health with periodic tests and diagnostics and any system updates.

What other equipment do I have to buy?

Nothing. A single GFD will provide detection of gunfire and alert authorities. Adding more GFDs provides coverage of a larger area, and provides better, more accurate information. 

Are there any other hidden fees?

No. The cost of the GFD and the monitoring are the only things you need to get from Safe Zone.  There may be a small cost to install the units.

How is the GFD powered?

The basic GFD will accept between 5- and 12-Volts DC. This can come from a centralized power supply, a plugged-in wall wart, or even a USB jack. The current requirement is very low (about 200mA), so the required wire size is very small. Simply account for voltage drop across the distance from the power supply.

The GFD also comes in a Power over Ethernet (PoE) version that is 802.3af Class 2 compliant. 

Where is Safe Zone made?

Safe Zone is proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Florida.

Who makes Safe Zone?

Safe Zone was conceived, designed, and is built by AVidea Group, Inc.   

Who is AVidea Group?

AVidea Group (AViG) is a Florida corporation founded in 2016 by Mike Anderson and John Anderson. AViG recently closed out their Million-dollar seed financing round and have the resources to deliver. See the about page on our website to learn about the management team. 

Where can I buy Safe Zone?

Safe Zone is sold by security companies, home automation companies and electrical contractors all over the country. Contact your local dealer for more information. If they don’t carry Safe Zone, ask them to get it for you.