A simple, 4-step process for indoor gunfire detection


The gunfire detector is mounted in a ceiling corner or on the wall of each room.

The system’s small, inconspicuous sensors are designed to be installed quickly and easily throughout any facility to provide 24/7 active site-wide monitoring. With WiFi and Power over Ethernet (PoE) versions and magnetized bracket mounts, the sensors can work with the available power source and be mounted in a ceiling corner, on a drop ceiling, or straight to the wall.


In the event of gunfire, nearby detectors immediately capture and analyze data.

Sensors instantaneously collect data that is then analyzed by a cloud-based machine learning system. The cloud-based machine-learning system analyzes 3,000 specific features from the sensors’ data file comparing them against Safe Zone’s computer library, which contains thousands of signatures of known gunshots including every firearm and ammunition combination used in a mass shooting in the last 30 years.


When gunshot detection is confirmed, Safe Zone notifies authorities and potential victims within seconds.

Because everything with Safe Zone happens through the cloud, information is processed fast and can travel quickly—important features for saving lives. The Safe Zone app provides emergency push alert notifications to key personnel via their phones. The alert includes detailed information that includes number of shots fired, the type of weapon, and a map tracking the shooter’s location and movement. In addition, SMS text messages are sent to an unlimited number of contacts in a user-managed list.


911 is notified on dispatch terminals and first responders are deployed.

When the system confirms gunfire, Safe Zone immediately activates the built-in automated response system that connects to all 911 Emergency Communications Centers (ECC). As first responders approach the scene, Safe Zone continues to provide real time information. Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system currently featuring this type of automated platform.

For a more detailed look at how Safe Zone’s indoor gunshot detection works, please visit our white papers.