Safe Zone has created the most accessible technology-based solutions to address one of the most tragic social problems of our time – the notification and response time of an active shooter.

Rapid response with actionable intelligence ends active shooter threats sooner and saves lives

For every minute that passes, a critically wounded gunshot victim is 7-10% less likely to survive.  Safe Zone provides affordable, efficient and easy-to-use gunshot detectors, and is perfectly positioned to disrupt the multi-billion dollar gunfire detection market.

  • First and foremost, we own and manufacture our intellectual property in a market where many competitors license technology which drives up their costs.
  • Safe Zone patented our platform and we have additional patents pending.

Because Safe Zone does not license any technology, we control our product and design to provide the highest level of quality in the smallest package available.

  • Safe Zone designs and manufactures product locally in an aerospace quality environment on the Space Coast of Melbourne, Florida.
  • Owning and manufacturing our products allows us to innovate products to market quicker and immediately pivot to address market conditions.

Our product design takes advantage of modern technology in a fully native communications package creating performance benefits and an unprecedented value:

  • Tri-mode detector (noise, shock and muzzle flash) delivers real time gunfire monitoring utilizing state of the art sensors and spectral infrared processing
  • Cloud connectivity and machine learning provides a continuously updated gunfire detection model for the highest accuracy.
  • Our database of both noise and gunfire samples is growing exponentially for continually increasing model performance as new sites/detectors are added across the country
  • Safe Zone has an exclusive agreement with RapidSOS for an always-on, direct digital connection to 9-1-1
  • Because of our integration with 9-1-1, we are the only gunfire detection platform that sends first responder’s digital metadata instantly, which includes: Facility/Address, number of shots, type of firearm and a detailed floor plan of the building with location and path of the shooter

Both The Safe Zone system and company model are designed for scale:

  • Safe Zone system supports an unlimited number of detectors for facilities of any size.
  • Our proprietary online training portal provides Safe Zone product installation certification to your local Security/AV dealers in towns and cities across the nation.
  • Local branch availability is supported by leading distributors such as ADI, WESCO and Anixter.

Our technology is easy to install and even easier to support:

  • Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity for easy setup of network credentials, installers have shared that this is “the quickest and easiest system I have ever setup.”
  • No specialized network gateway is required.  Detectors communicate over standard Wi-Fi access point or PoE router.
  • Network connection to cloud computing ensures that all users always have continuous access to the fastest computation.  No local server is needed resulting in never needing to upgrade computer hardware.

Safe Zone has the most accurate and technologically advanced gunfire detection platform.  Further, we are also the most automated platform on the market.

For further details contact Jay VerHulst (727) 483-0948