Every minute an active shooting continues, more lives are at stake. When the unthinkable happens, Safe Zone’s indoor gunfire detection system can significantly reduce the victim count and get accurate information to law enforcement faster than ever before. The system acts like an advanced fire detector, but for gunshots.


With both gun sales and mass shootings at an all time high, Safe Zone is dedicated to using technology to make the world a safer place – and making the protective benefits accessible to everyone. Safe Zone’s advanced sensor technology makes indoor gunfire detection available for buildings of all sizes and all budgets.


The technology uses a sophisticated sensor to:

    • Electronically notify potential victims and on-site security within seconds of the first gunshot.
    • Send a customized and complete floorplan of each space to 911, indicating which rooms within the floorplan gunfire is detected in.
    • Provide first responders with firearm details, giving authorities the most complete information before arriving on the scene. Safe Zone is the only indoor gunfire system that offers this feature.
    • Cut out human and machine error using cloud-based technology.
    • Reduces the average time for 911 to be contacted from 5 minutes to seconds.

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“Safe Zone can save the lives of potential gunshot victims in a large number of ways, just based off the information that we can provide and the speed at which we can provide it. It’s unprecedented.”

John Anderson

CTO & Founder, Safe Zone

“Even for those who have been shot, Safe Zone provides an opportunity for a much higher rate of survival. That really comes down to getting those people treatment in a timely fashion. Despite what you may see in Hollywood movies, a lot of gunshot victims don’t necessarily die from the gunshot, they die from the blood loss and the lack of treatment. Being able to get treatment to those victims faster can save their lives.”

John Anderson

CTO & Founder, Safe Zone

“In any active shooter incident, there is an uncontrolled amount of chaos. People running, you may have shots going off in the background, you might not be able to hear everything that somebody is saying or even make very good, informed decisions. One of the advantages that technology has in that situation is it doesn’t get scared, it doesn’t have to run away. It can stand and observe and report in real-time what is happening with absolute accuracy and detail, and Safe Zone was designed precisely to do that.”

John Anderson

CTO & Founder, Safe Zone

“Once we determine there is a gunshot, we then send out push notifications to all of the on-site administrators that will get those notifications on their mobile devices. That all happens in less than 10 seconds.” // “From the user side, the Safe Zone system is almost like magic. As soon as that gunshot goes off, by the time you have realized what happened, you’ve got a push notification on your phone confirming what you may have suspected.”

John Anderson

CTO & Founder, Safe Zone

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