Notification System

Safe Zone was developed and designed to send accurate, advanced alerts quickly in the event of an active shooter. Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system on the market featuring an exclusive partnership with RapidSOS, the trusted data provider for more than 4,000 Emergency Communications Centers nationwide. This partnership allows critical real-time gunfire alerts from Safe Zone gunfire detectors to go directly to 911. Safe Zone’s app-based notification system also provides push notifications directly to supervisory staff and text messages to a contact list of unlimited users.

Partnership with RapidSOS

The 911 emergency response system was originally set up as an analog dial-in system. RapidSOS, a response technology company, gives emergency call centers a digital platform to receive enhanced information. This platform provides a rich data link from connected devices to public safety; thus, Safe Zone’s partnership with RapidSOS makes it possible for 911 dispatchers and law enforcement to receive a custom floorplan of any users’ facility with the locations of where shots were fired. The sophistication of Safe Zone sensor technology makes this the only system that can determine more than one shooter in different parts of the building, which is critical information for law enforcement responding to the scene.

Through Safe Zone’s partnership with RapidSOS, first responders get detailed crime scene information, including:

• Address, building name, and floorplan of the facility showing the location of the shots fired
• The weapon format (long barrel or pistol)
• The number of shots fired with timestamps for each.

Because Safe Zone utilizes a machine-learning system housed in the cloud, each time an active shooter discharges a firearm, the system updates that information and sends new alerts to 911, first responders, and the supervisory staff using the Safe Zone app.

Push Notifications Through the Safe Zone App

After the Safe Zone system determines gunfire in a building, everyone with the Safe Zone app for that client site receives a push notification with the event data: map and location, number of shots fired, and type of weapon used. Because the only legal way to connect to 911 is via person-to-person, supervisory and safety personnel connected to the Safe Zone app have an easy one-button option to connect to 911 directly from their phones.

This single touch immediately initiates the transmission of critical info to 911 through the exclusive RapidSOS link as well as connects to 911 via a voice call.

SMS Text Messages to an Unlimited Contact List

When the 911 call is initiated, the Safe Zone system also sends SMS text messages to an unlimited-size contact list selected by the client. In the initial set up and installation, a Safe Zone rep will work with clients to determine and create the contact list for everyone they want to receive notifications of an active shooter in the building. For example, this list could be coworkers or students on a particular campus.

Safe Zone is the only gunfire detection system company to give clients native SMS service and an unlimited contact list for text notifications. Because Safe Zone’s mission is to save the minutes that save lives, the company chose to eliminate the need for prioritizing who could know of an active shooter in the building because of a restricted notification list. Each customer configures their SMS alert contact list so everyone who needs to know, can know.

Bonus API Integration Feature

Through a software application programming interface, Safe Zone’s notifications and full alert information stream can integrate with other systems such as door locks/access control, alarm panels, cameras, and emergency notification systems that can be programmed to respond in the event of an alert sent through Safe Zone technology.

System Tamper Alerts

With Safe Zone’s constant cloud-based monitoring, clients are notified within minutes of any potential system issues. If someone disconnects or interferes with a Safe Zone sensor, supervisors are automatically alerted. Connectivity, sensor health, and ambient conditions are all monitored for consistency. With a health check performed every 60 seconds, Safe Zone provides peace-of-mind that the system will always be ready to respond.

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