Safe Zone Founder/President Mike Anderson and CEO Mike Lally both have successful, career-long technology experiences that intersect to power Safe Zone. With proven successes in sensor innovation, building protection devices, and entrepreneurship, Anderson and Lally are situated with the best experience to direct gunfire detection systems into next-gen capabilities. Co-founder and technology innovator Ada Anderson serves as CTO, completing the Safe Zone Technologies executive team.  The state-of-the-art sensor designs, cloud connectivity and machine learning result in the simplest, most integrated, accurate, and advanced indoor gunfire detection system on the market.


The technology is a mix of tri-mode proprietary sensing hardware and cloud-based machine learning software. Using a sophisticated acoustic and shock sensors coupled with a next gen infrared detector provides intelligent indoor gunfire discrimination.  The Safe Zone Gunfire Detector not only registers gunfire; it also reports the facility address, location of the shots fired on a visual floor plan, the classification of firearm type and the number of shots fired.  This complete gunfire event profile is provided straight to any mobile device. Seamless integration of the Safe Zone detection system provides both the critical gunfire data and customized floor plan digitally to local 911 emergency communication center dispatch. This provides law enforcement, first responders, and potential victims with critical information needed to respond quickly and end threats sooner. The system, which has several patents-pending, also supports mass text alert lists while still integrating with legacy security and access control systems. Saving Minutes Saves Lives.


Meet Safe Zone’s Executive Team

Mike Lally


Lally is a second-generation entrepreneur in a sensor family.  His father and uncle founded PCB Piezotronics in 1968, which still designs and manufactures sensors for force, pressure and motion.  The company, now owned by MTS System Corporation, sells and services sensors worldwide to the aerospace, automotive, durable goods, consumer electronics and manufacturing process markets. After graduating from Cornell University in 1986, Mike joined the University of Cincinnati Structural Dynamics research laboratory and later founded The Modal Shop, part of the PCB Group. His expertise is both technical (dynamic sensing, structural testing, calibration systems) and operational (business strategy, quality systems, scaling up), which strategically fits the rapid market expansion of Safe Zone.

Mike Anderson

President & Founder

Mike has a passion for creating and building exceptional products. Many of the more than 100 products he’s developed were based on technology he invented; in fact, Google has purchased 17 U.S. patents from Mike. Technical knowledge notwithstanding, Mike has spent most of his career in sales and marketing, having led teams to more than $200 Million in annual revenues. He is a serial entrepreneur, building and selling three companies. Immediately prior to founding Safe Zone, Mike was the founder and CEO of TiO, a home automation manufacturer acquired by The Anuva Companies. Mike earned his BSEE while working retail in Hi-Fi shops in the 70s, and his MBA while a sales manager at JVC. Mike is also a Lean Black Belt Professional, a licensed electrician and HVAC technician. Mike’s mixture of both hands-on experience and theoretical design provides a unique perspective on sensing/control/automation and how it works in the real world.

Ada Anderson

CTO & Founder

Growing up in the home of a CEPro 100 integrator, Ada has spent her whole life around automation and control. Ada became a founding member and product manager of the TiO home automation system after leaving 3vNet. Ada’s knowledge is extremely broad-based with expertise in sensor fusion, data encryption, cloud scalability, design for reliability and physical security products. As co-founder and CTO, Ada uses her experience and talents to lead the creation of Safe Zone’s industry disrupting indoor Gunfire Detection products/services product line.

Neil Grosse

Director of Customer Experience

Neil’s skills, aptitude and attitude are put to work each day to create a better overall experience for Safe Zone customers and partners. Neil oversees the operations with dealers and integrators who install Safe Zone’s product. Neil solves problems, ensures quality customer support, and orchestrates installations that are seamless.  Additionally, he oversees product application into a variety of indoor environments expanding the practical use case implementation.

Jay R. Ver Hulst

Director of Risk Mitigation

Jay has more than 40 years of experience managing multiple disciplines within the healthcare payments arena. He began his career by founding the first Third Party Administration (TPA) firm in Iowa and then an Ohio TPA in 1981. Between 1991 and 2005, Jay founded or re-organized four additional healthcare organizations within Managed Care of America, including a regional Paid Provider Organization (PPO), a benefits portal software company, a Pharmacy Benefit Management firm (EBRx) and a medical management software platform. EBRx had a national presence in the Group Benefits and Workers’ Compensation markets where he served as President and lead systems architect. At the sale of the company, Jay briefly retired, only to return to the industry to co-found Zelis Payments, a market-leading healthcare technology company integrating payments solutions for more than 170 healthcare payers and 1 million providers. In October of 2018 Jay joined Safe Zone as a co-lead investor and actively serves as both the Director of Risk Mitigation and Board Member.

Irv Cohen

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Irv held a variety of executive roles on Wall Street and was responsible for the creation of a St Petersburg, FL financial services office employing over 2500 people. Irv now supports the development of the venture capital and entrepreneurial community in Florida through a defined mix of strategy and execution, assembling strategic partnerships and mentoring leaders. He is an active investor in a number of early stage companies, supports the development of SeedFunders early stage investors, and is highly engaged in the nonprofit sector. As an investor Irv looks for cutting edge innovation through keeping his finger on the technology pulse and seeks effective, passionate entrepreneurs that share his enthusiasm for business growth. As a philanthropist, he maintains these principles through holding positions on the executive committees of all nonprofits he engages and seeks social enterprises that tie with his overall vision.

"With only a small increase in security budgeting, Safe Zone’s gunfire detectors are an indispensable element of every active shooter technology plan. Saving minutes means saving lives."

-Ada Anderson, CTO & Founder


Founder/President Mike Anderson and CEO Mike Lally have amazingly complementary career paths for the technologies embedded in Safe Zone. Their achievements in sensing, controls, technology and business provide for a rock-solid foundation in company leadership.