Mike Lally - Ceo

Mike Lally is a second generation entrepreneur in a sensor family. His father and uncle founded PCB Piezotronics in 1968 which still designs and manufactures sensors for force, pressure and motion. The company, now owned by MTS System Corporation, sells and services sensors worldwide to the aerospace, automotive, durable goods, consumer electronics and manufacturing process markets. Graduating from Cornell University in 1986, Mike joined the University of Cincinnati Structural Dynamics research laboratory and later founded The Modal Shop, part of the PCB Group. His expertise is both technical (dynamic sensing, structural testing, calibration systems) and operational (business strategy, quality systems, scaling up) which strategically fits the rapid market expansion of Safe Zone.


Mike Anderson - president, coo & Founder

Mike has a passion for creating and building exceptional products. He has developed and introduced more than 100 products, generating hundreds of millions of dollars. Many of these products were based on technology he invented; in fact, Google purchased 17 U.S. patents from Mike. Technical knowledge notwithstanding, Mike has spent most of his career in sales and marketing, having led teams to more than $200 Million in annual revenues. He is a serial entrepreneur, building and selling three companies preceding AViG. Immediately prior, Mike was the founder and CEO of TiO, a home automation manufacturer acquired by The Anuva Companies (www.tiohome.com). Mike earned his BSEE while working retail in Hi-Fi shops in the 70s, and his MBA while a sales manager at JVC. Mike is also a Lean Black Belt Professional, a licensed electrician and HVAC technician. Mike’s experience provides a unique perspective on home automation and how it works in the real world.

John Anderson - cto & Founder

Growing up in the home of a CEPro 100 integrator, John has spent his whole life around home automation and home control. John became a founding member and product manager of the TiO home automation system, after leaving 3vNet. Now at AVidea Group, John is using his experience and talent to create fresh and exciting technologies in the new Safe Zone product line.

Neil Grosse - director of customer experience

Neil's skills, aptitude, and attitude qualifies him to be a great fit to the Safe Zone team. Neil is in charge of helping solve the issues dealers or uses face day to day with the Safe Zone product, helping solve problems, contributing to customer support, or practical and management uses of the product making the experience with Safe Zone the best it can be.


andy charles - Director

Andy is a former manufacturing business owner and the founder of Central Avenue Advisors, a consulting firm specializing in expense reduction, Accounts Payable automation and employee retention. His practice leverages efficiencies and existing cash flows through innovative best practices for scaling companies, while reinforcing quality management principles. He also spent two decades in senior manufacturing management positions with companies engaged in the production of lighting controls, horticultural products, food products and communications antennas. Notable achievements include the design, construction oversight and commissioning of a charcoal manufacturing plant in the midwest.

Andy holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Princeton University and a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management from Catholic University. After college he spent six years on active duty as a US Navy Submarine Officer, and completed 20 years of service in the Naval Reserve. Andy is an active participant in the local St Petersburg, FL nonprofit sector and serves as a partner & advisory board member for Social Venture Partners of Tampa Bay.


Jay r. ver hulst - director of risk mitigation

Jay has over 40 years of experience managing multiple disciplines within the health benefit administration arena.  He began his career by founding the first Third Party Administration (TPA) firm in Iowa and then an Ohio TPA in 1981.  Between 1991 and 2005, Jay founded or re-organized four additional healthcare organizations within Managed Care of America, including a regional Paid Provider Organization (PPO), a benefits portal software company, a Pharmacy Benefit Management firm (EBRx) and a medical management software platform. EBRx had a national presence in the Group Benefits and Workers’ Compensation markets where he served as President and lead systems architect. At the sale of the company Jay briefly retired, only to return to the industry to co-found Zelis Payments, a market-leading healthcare technology company integrating payments solutions for more than 170 healthcare payers and 1 million providers. He was brought onto Safe Zone in 2019.


Irv cohen - chairman of the board of Directors

Irv supports the development of the venture capital and entrepreneurial community in Florida through a defined mix of strategy and execution, assembling strategic partnerships and mentoring leaders. Irv’s philanthropic ideals led him to develop his long-term dream of building a collaborative community in which entrepreneurs in Florida have the opportunity to raise the capital they require locally and thrive with the support of service providers while providing fruitful investments to stakeholders. Irv joins partner Dave Chitester in founding Seedfunders, which provides funding and mentoring for pre-revenue technology concepts.

Today Irv is an active investor in six early stage companies, supports the development of Florida Funders, and is highly engaged in the nonprofit sector. Irv has also recently co-founded The St. Petersburg Group. As an investor he looks for cutting edge innovation through keeping his finger on the pulse and seeks effective, passionate entrepreneurs that share his enthusiasm for business growth. As a philanthropist he maintains these principles through holding positions on the executive committees of all nonprofits he engages and seeks social enterprises that tie with his overall vision. Some of his involvement include joining the Board of The Pinellas County Urban League, overseeing USF’s incubator and mentoring early stage companies as well as Social Venture Partners (SVP) offering leadership and funding to developing nonprofits.