RALEIGH (WRAL) – From environmentally friendly pet cremation to smart lighting solutions, the full scope of Internet of Things (IoT) applications was on display at RIoT’s second RAP Pitch Night on Wednesday night.

More than 150 people crammed into the Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh to check out the latest on offer, and they also got to have their say.

For the popular vote, the audience selected Safe Zone — a gunshot detection device developed by Florida-based AVidea Group that uses a network of acoustic and infrared sensors to identify gunshots and dispatch first responders.

“One of the big things we wanted to get from this event is awareness, and get in front of people and get those valuable connections and good feedback,” said Safe Zone’s co-founder John Anderson. “This is another step in the right direction.”


The competition was the culmination of a 12-week accelerator program facilitated by RiOT that aims to support IoT companies by partnering them with more than 85 companies across the value chain.

Final participants were selected from a pool of applicants from around the country.

The endgame: to bring products to market and create jobs, said Tom Snyder, executive director of NC RIoT.

Tom Snyder, Rachael Meleney and John Anderson. (WRAL)

“That’s our goal and mission,” he said. “[After tonight], I hope people will understand how emerging technology is affecting industries that people might not have even realized were industries.”


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