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The Detector

$149.99 MSRP

Advanced distributed gunfire detection

The only realistic way to decrease notification and response times in the event of crisis is with an automated gunfire detection system. The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System notifies select personnel and authorities of critical information within seconds of the first gunshot.

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Cloud Based

When a loud noise occurs, the acoustic and infrared signatures are captured by all nearby detectors. This data from all active Gunfire Detectors is analyzed by a sophisticated cloud-based machine learning algorithm.

Immediate Notification

If a firearm has been discharged, the app displays the time, location, number of shots fired and the type and caliber of the weapon. Alerts are displayed directly on dispatchers’ terminals.

Designated contacts are notified via texts and/or email. Silent alert indicators can direct citizens away from the shooter to designated safe zones. The system interfaces with existing Security, Alarm, Access Control and/or Mass Notification Systems for a complete emergency solution.



H x W x D:

1 7/8” x 2 1/4” x 5/8”

49.3 x 57.4 x 17.8 mm


0.1 lbs / 5 grams

Operating Temperature Range:

-10°c to 45°c

Power Requirement:

5 -12VDC, 200mA

Coverage Area:

9000 ft³ (30x30x10 Room)

Wireless Communication:

Mesh Wi-Fi 802.11, 2.4GHz

Bluetooth BLE


2 Years from Install Date, see warranty for details