NBC Tech Trends: Sophisticated New Security

Imperial Surveillance, Inc. is a full service security company using facial recognition, sound detection technology, and sophisticated ID access badges for employees or students to use. In a worst case scenario, if a shooting occurs, the phone will know the exact weapon used and a map will immediately appear detailing where not to run while the suspect is being tracked. NBC 5’s Art Norman and Charlie Wojciechowski have the details.


Aviation Security | Gunfire Detection System

Utilizing the data from multiple detectors simultaneously, the Safe Zone Gunfire Detector determines the location of shots fired, the number of shots, and the type and caliber of gun being used. Within ten seconds of the trigger pull, an alert is sent to Public Safety Access Points in the appropriate dispatch center, giving local 911 dispatchers all the critical information right on their computer. The Safe Zone Gunfire Detector is a small – less than 3” x 3” – triangular unit that mounts in a ceiling corner and provides gunfire detection for an area of up to 9,000 ft3.


Wall Street Journal Best of CES 2019 : The Craziest and Coolest New Technologies That Might Even Matter

The first days of January were brightened again by the annual electronics and innovation circus called CES. Our tech team ventured to Las Vegas to find clues about the future. Our roundup of the show’s best (and weirdest) isn’t filled with things you’re likely to own—or necessarily even want—but they all point to trends on the horizon that we’re keen to follow. 


Facility Executive magazine: Safe Zone Gunfire Detector

“The Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System is the active shooter security breakthrough a very troubled world has been waiting for,” Safe Zone President Mike Anderson said. “Unlike the handful of older, slower, and more expensive solutions currently available, the Safe Zone system responds within 10 seconds to an active shooter situation, analyzing the on-the-ground situation and automatically communicating with all key personnel, from first responders to school administrators to parents and management.”


Safe Zone to Debut School Gunfire Detection System at CES 2019

Safe Zone, a Melbourne, Florida technology start-up, today announced it will introduce its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector (GFD) at CES 2019 (January 8-11, 2019) in the Stampede Booth #25708 in South Hall 2.


Safe Zone to Debut World's Fastest, Least Expensive Gunfire Detection System at CES 2019

Underscoring the growing market need for an affordably priced gunfire detector and reporting system that can be easily installed in literally every type of public environment, Safe Zone, a Melbourne, Florida technology start-up, today announced it will introduce its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector (GFD) at CES 2019 (January 8-11, 2019) in the Stampede Booth #25708 in South Hall 2.


AVidea Bringing $150 Safe Zone Gunfire Detection System To CES 2019

AVidea Group will bring its Safe Zone Gunfire Detector to CES 2019, designed to analyze active shooter situations and automatically communicate with first responders, school administrators, parents and other key personnel.