Indoor Gunfire Detection for Safer Spaces and Immediate Response

Safe Zone detects gunfire instantly. In seconds, the smart tech sensors identify the location of gun shots fired in real-time, the number of gun shots fired, and the type of firearm used—then sends that information with a complete floor plan mapping the shot locations to 911 dispatch, on-site security and people in the building.

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The instant people realize they are under a gunfire attack, the scene becomes commotion, confusion and chaos. By the time a potential victim can process what’s happening, get to safety, and have the mental faculty to respond... crucial, life-saving minutes have passed. Safe Zone's gunfire detection system is a better solution to getting a faster response.

Mass shootings are one of the most tragic and still growing problems of our time. 

It is difficult for law enforcement to determine the location of an active shooter in buildings with multiple rooms, and even more difficult to respond quickly to a shooter in buildings with multiple floors.

Safe Zone solves the problem.

Every minute an active shooting continues, more lives are at stake. Safe Zone is dedicated to using technology to make the world a safer place – and making the protective benefits accessible to everyone. Safe Zone’s advanced sensor technology makes indoor gunfire detection available for buildings of all sizes and all budgets. 




It takes an average of 5 minutes before the first 911 call is made after an active shooter strikes.

(Police Executive Research Forum)


Needing critical information from on-site witnesses and victim interviews, it takes an average of 12 minutes for police to locate and confront the shooter once they enter the building.

(U.S. Department of Homeland Security)



It takes Safe Zone about 10 seconds to perform firearm analysis and push alerts to users with the 911 notification giving responders a graphical view into the location of an active shooter’s actions seconds after an event begins.


Safe Zone is the most sophisticated indoor gunfire detection system on the market. It is the only gunfire detection system that provides all 4 key safety features.

Cloud-based Technology

The most reliable technology that cuts out human and machine error, monitors system health and seamlessly connects all sensors.

Complete Floorplan

A customized and complete floorplan of each space is provided to 911 to save response time and helps to determine shooter location.

Type of Weapon Used

The only technology that provides first responders with firearm details, giving authorities the most complete information before arriving on the scene.

Real-time Push Notifications

The moment the first gunshot is fired, potential victims and on-site security are notified electronically.

The Safe Zone indoor gunfire detection system blankets every room with the protection of rapid response. Within seconds of gunfire, the Safe Zone detectors:

  • Register shots fired
  • Perform rapid analysis of gunshot data
  • Relay critical intelligence information to 911 dispatch, law enforcement and potential victims
  • Send real-time updates to track movement via location of additional shots fired

By identifying gunfire details quickly and accurately, the system communicates critical intelligence information to first responders and potential victims. Safe Zone eliminates the guesswork that wastes valuable time at an active shooter event. Save Minutes. Save Lives.


By being the first to market with Cloud-Based Technology, the Safe Zone system drastically increases system coverage, continually improves performance and lowers the total system price. Safe Zone offers the most robust indoor gunfire detection system and total building protection at a cost well below competitors. Safe Zone is committed to making indoor gunfire protection accessible for everyone. Compare technology and compare price.

With competitor’s systems, many users have to choose which rooms to protect due to high costs — but Safe Zone believes everyone should be protected and created the technology to make indoor gunshot detection more accessible to everyone.

Make your a Safe Zone.


Built with the most advanced tri-mode sensing and cloud processing technology, the Safe Zone indoor gunfire detection system helps people regain control in an active shooter situation. With gun sales at an all time high, having a proactive solution in place is more important than ever. Safe Zone leads the market with a simple, reliable, effective indoor gunfire detection system for protecting any indoor space.  

A Safe Zone demo includes a virtual, firsthand look at how the detectors respond, what the Safe Zone app looks like on a mobile device, and how Safe Zone provides the most accurate indoor gunshot detection information on the market. If you would like to see the Safe Zone system in action, request a virtual demo today using the form below.